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All Guilds Meeting - September 2016

Retrato de Doobes

This month's All Guilds Meeting was rather short due to many explorers still being "Obducted".  Even so, there was still a few pieces of business to go over.  As always, the raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready to read for those that missed the meeting.

Here's what happened:

Summer Stories

Zeke365 was the only speaker this month.  He mentioned that Susa'n has stepped down as the alternate reader for Summer Stories, a gathering every Thursday at 17:00 KI time where various Myst and URU-related fan fiction is read aloud over voice chat.  He's looking for a replacement reader, and those interested should contact him.  If one is not selected, then the event will be scaled back and be held every other Thursday as opposed to every Thursday.


Korov'ev finished the meeting nice and early talking a bit about Cyan's recent release of Obduction.  He stressed that people planning to buy the game should check the specifications of their computers very carefully as the game is quite resource-heavy, and they should also properly mark spoilers when discussing the game itself.  There's also methods to get around some of the current bugs and a way to reassign keybinds, albeit a bit complicated.


And that's it for this month!  Join Korov'ev on Saturday, October 1st at 13:00 KI time in Kirel for the next All Guilds Meeting!

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